Rachel Watson


Rachel Watson is a Project Manager at Syverson Strege & Company. Her main duties include scheduling client meetings, contacting clients for information, and providing support for the Advisors and Analysts. Rachel’s project management will provide continuous communication between our clients and staff. Rachel attended Wright State University earning a degree in Organizational Leadership. Prior to working with Syverson Strege, she worked in the financial services industry as a Customer Service Representative.


Community is incredibly important to me and I often take any opportunity I can to improve the world around me. Giving a small amount of time to the people who need it most is one of the most satisfying parts of my life. If I am able to leave someone's day just a little bit better than when I entered it, I consider that time well spent. When not at Syverson Strege, I can be found trying out all sorts of interesting recipes, attending my local synagogue, or playing fetch with my dog, Harper! Despite having moved from Dayton, Ohio to Johnston, Iowa in 2016, I have always been an avid Cincinnati Bengals fan (throughout our highs and lows). I also enjoy a wide range of different aspects of pop culture. From books to comics to movies, I'm always happy to provide a recommendation when asked!