Dave Strege on the Real Mission of CFP Board, Misperceptions, and Facts

by David Strege, CFP®, CFA, CKA®, Senior Financial Planner | July 1, 2008

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In this article, Dave Strege shares his comments about the controversy surrounding the recent resignations of five senior members of CFP Board’s Disciplinary and Ethics Commission over the January 2008 Board’s resolutions that resulted in changes in the appointment and composition of the DEC.

David Strenge: “In my mind, CFP Board is about establishing what is required for people to be financial planning professionals.  FPA’s role is to help people grow in the profession.  CFP Board will always experience the tension of being the referee on the field. As a referee, the best we can hope to attain is respect, but that’s a highly worthy goal.”

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– David Strege, CFA, CFP®