Money Maestros

May 10, 2013

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Investment planners help to cut out the sour notes

In the world of wealth management, discordant notes are filling the air.

“The noise comes from the most unexpected sources,” said Lance Gunkel, chief operating officer for the fee-only financial planning firm Sherpa Investment Management in West Des Moines.

These days, clients are looking for a maestro to put the notes in order.

With the recent 140-point drop in the stock market after a fake Tweet announcement that President Barack Obama had been injured in a White House explosion, it’s easy to understand why investors feel uneasy, not the least of whom are in the high-net-worth individuals who make up the majority of clients at Sherpa Investment Management and its parent, Syverson and Stege Co.

Gunkel can recite many sources for the sour notes; wild fluctuations in the  European economy, high-frequency traders who are in and out of markets in short order, markets that seem to bounce up and down with every burp from a 24-hour news cycle.

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– Lance Gunkel, CFA, CFP®