Planning for Effective Philanthropy (PEP)

What is PEP?

A growing number of nonprofits are using Syverson Strege’s Planning for Effective Philanthropy (PEP). PEP has been providing donor education and helping nonprofits educate and motivate donors since 2000.

PEP stands for Planning for Effective Philanthropy. PEP involves a series of meetings led by Syverson Strege professionals whereby a nonprofit’s donors are given the gift of education about philanthropic strategies.

Because the PEP process is purely educational, donors will not be pressured to buy any products. PEP is a leave-your-checkbook-behind process all the way from the initial group PEP meeting through the donor’s one-hour, confidential consultation.

Once the education has been provided, Syverson Strege will not pressure donors for any type of commitment, but instead, offer help only if they request it. Syverson Strege offers an education culture, not a sales culture that ultimately has the potential to benefit both the nonprofits and their donors.

PEP Goals

  • Educate donors on effective philanthropic and tax avoidance strategies
  • Multiply the results of a nonprofit’s planned giving efforts
  • Engage major donors at a higher level of impact without requiring additional monetary gifts
  • Create a predictable and sustainable flow of planned giving conversations that lead to more legacy gifts for the nonprofit
  • Provide a pathway for endowment funding
  • Allow nonprofits to cost effectively mine their entire donor base, attract new donors, re-energize donors, and bring to the surface the unknown qualified donor - the millionaires next door

How PEP Works

Through the PEP process, a nonprofit organization offers their donors a two-part gift of education:

  1. Group PEP meeting to learn philanthropic and tax avoidance strategies
  2. Individual one-hour confidential consultation with Syverson Strege

Who is Syverson Strege?

Syverson Strege is a fee-only financial planning and investment management company made up of credentialed financial planners and analysts. We offer financial education and advice on a fee-only basis. We charge no hidden fees and receive no compensation for the sale of any products such as life insurance, annuities, etc. We are an independent advisor not affiliated with banks, insurance companies, or brokerage firms. The life goals of our clients are our biggest priority.

Why does Syverson Strege offer PEP?

Syverson Strege, as a company, and individuals who work here are known for philanthropy. We have achieved a level of knowledge and proficiency in philanthropic planning that is recognized throughout the industry. Because of our devotion to philanthropy, we are eager to help nonprofits learn how to prosper through successful philanthropic education.

Syverson Strege provides the PEP education process because we know it leads to results.

For example, one donor came to a PEP meeting and learned about the tax advantages of gifting appreciated stocks to a charity. This donor set up a one-hour consultation to learn more. Syverson Strege was able to advise the donor about a charitable giving tool that would provide a substantial amount of income in 10 years, avoid paying the government hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, and also donate a significant gift to the charity sponsoring the PEP meeting. Syverson Strege knows proper philanthropic planning can lead to positive results for both the donor and the charity.

The PEP Process includes three meetings:

1) Champion Meeting

The Champion Meeting is set up to educate a nonprofit’s major donors/board members about the effectiveness of the PEP program. At a Champion Meeting, the donors will experience the same educational presentation as will be offered at a PEP Meeting. A Champion Meeting is an opportunity for an organization to recruit potential Champions who will commit to hosting and inviting their circle of influence to a future PEP Meeting.

2) PEP Meeting

A PEP Meeting is an educational meeting hosted by one of a nonprofit’s Champions. At the meeting, Syverson Strege will offer an educational presentation designed to inform and advise donors about philanthropic strategies that will help them to:

  • Increase their income
  • Avoid taxes and create additional income tax deductions
  • Pass more $ to their heirs
  • Make major gifts to their favorite charity

The information is presented so that donors will be motivated to take the next step (one-hour consultation with Syverson Strege) that may lead to a major legacy gift. The presentation includes actual case studies to illustrate the benefits of effective planned giving strategies.

3) One-hour Consultation with Syverson Strege

The one-hour consultation meeting is the second education opportunity a nonprofit has gifted to their donors through the PEP Program. It is a free, confidential, one-hour consultation meeting with a donor, provided by a Syverson Strege CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner.

A goal of the consultation meeting is to review a donor’s individual situation, and provide them with specific philanthropic tools and ideas to take back to their personal financial planner if they have one. The tools they will learn about have the potential to help them avoid taxes, increase their income, pass more money to their heirs, and leave a legacy gift a charity.

If a donor does not have a financial planner and they request further assistance from Syverson Strege, we can provide support. However, we will not pressure them in any way to switch financial planners or become a client. We will provide further help only if asked. Our program is strictly an education culture, not a sales culture.