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In the investment world, we face financial terrain that is often times difficult to navigate: financial bubbles, economic contractions, inflation, deflation - and the list goes on.

At Sherpa Investment Management, we only work for you, making it our mission to guide you through the financial terrain. Let us be your experts and help you achieve your goals with our financial mountaineering.

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It may begin with a question or an anxious feeling. Am I on track for a secure future? Which option is right for me? How do all the parts fit together?

At Syverson Strege and Company, we help you become more confident in your financial outlook. Our structure is designed to dig a little deeper, bestow clarity among the endless options, and peer through the fog of financial uncertainty.

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Throughout life you encounter tremendous financial choices, and making decisions can be intimidating. When you reach these crossroads, you don't have to go it alone.

We are a fee-only, financial planning and investment management firm committed to unlocking your financial possibilities and enriching your future. Discover our commitment to your goals as we provide clarity amongst the endless options and help you find the financial answers you seek.