Workshop: Grandparenting in Today’s World


Date: Tuesday, August 9
Time: 2:00-4:00 PM
Location: Syverson Strege Office at 4125 Westown Pkwy, West Des Moines

What makes grandparenting an opportunity worth investing in? How is grandparenting in today’s world both a challenge and a blessing? Find out the answers and more at our upcoming workshop: "Grandparenting in Today’s World.”

At the workshop, you’ll learn:
  • what an amazing influence you are in your family. 
  • how your role and responsibilities differ from a parent. 
  • how to teach values to your grandchildren. 
  • how to be more intentional to perpetuate your faith to future generations. 
  • enjoyable activity ideas to make lasting memories with your grandchildren.
  • Our featured speakers are Jon Ness from the Legacy Coalition, Lori Elmitt, grandmother of six, and Wayne Johnson, resident grandfather at Syverson Strege.



    Also at the event – prizes, refreshments, and sharing time with other grandparents!

    Join us on Tuesday, August 9 at 2 PM at the Syverson Strege office at 4125 Westown Parkway, #104, West Des Moines, Iowa. Register today!

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