multiracial family
Who will inherit the largest generational transfer of wealth in U.S. history?

by Tyler Conley, MBA, CFP®, CEPA®, Financial Planner and Ben Geiger, CFP®, Financial Planner | January 23, 2023

Syverson Strege works with many clients and their families to educate them on the most tax-efficient and advantageous ways to transfer wealth.

Julie Summa, Syverson Strege
How 3 Syverson Strege Experiences Made a Difference in My Life

by Julie Summa, Former Director of Marketing & Communications | January 9, 2023

I am blessed to have had three unique experiences with Syverson Strege and their team. My husband was a child of a client (and thus me as a daughter-in-law), I’ve been an employee, and I am a client. As I describe these three experiences, it is completely from my perspective and may not be representative of the typical client experience.

required minimum distribution
SECURE 2.0 Act Provisions and How They May Affect Your Retirement Plans

by Matt Roberts, MFM, CFP®, CAP®, Chief Planning Officer | December 29, 2022

On December 23, Congress passed a $1.7 trillion budget bill that included the SECURE 2.0 Act. The latest round of retirement legislation has implications for many of our clients, so we want to highlight the key provisions that could impact you.

Great Holiday Letter
Why I Find Joy in Receiving a Great Holiday Letter

by Lance Gunkel, CFP®, CFA, Managing Director | December 14, 2022

We have numerous holiday traditions in my family, and one of my favorites is collecting and reading holiday cards and newsletters!

tax paperwork Syverson Strege
10 Important Tax Planning Deadlines You May Need to Know About

by Matt Roberts, MFM, CFP®, CAP®, Chief Planning Officer | November 17, 2022

It’s that time of year again! It’s time to ensure you are maximizing all the tax planning strategies that may exist based on your personal situation. There is still time to take advantage of charitable giving strategies, managing investment income, or contributing to tax-advantaged investment accounts.

Give Back
A Give-Back Mindset: How Nonprofits and Humanity Benefit

by Matt Roberts, MFM, CFP®, CAP®, Chief Planning Officer | November 16, 2022

Our team members look out for the interests of others. We care deeply about giving back to our communities, equipping our clients to give in the most tax-efficient way, and helping nonprofits help their donors give generously and efficiently. Our clients share our give-back mentality and currently have millions of dollars earmarked for philanthropy. We want to help maximize every dollar given!

grandparents happy
5 Outstanding Gifts a Grandparent Can Give

by Meri Grogan, Director of Administration and Finance | November 15, 2022

The holiday season is near along with planning and decisions about how and where we will spend our time and money. What plans are you making as a grandparent, not just for this season, but for the future? This year, we suggest approaching this wonderful season with intentionality and purpose.

last will and testament
Why You Need a Will Whether You Live or Die

by Mike Murkins, CFP®, Financial Planner | October 19, 2022

"There is no minimum level of wealth required to have an estate plan, and every adult should look to have a basic plan in place to care for their own needs and the needs of their family," according to Patrick Hicks, General Counsel and Head of Legal at Trust & Will.

the pit Syverson Strege
Why "The Pit" is Important to Our Clients

by Jerin Young, CFP®, CKA®, Senior Associate Financial Planner | October 18, 2022

According to Chief Planning Officer Matt Roberts, "The work that goes on in "the pit" is vitally important to the construction and maintenance of our clients' financial plans and/or investment portfolios. We rely heavily upon the associate financial planners to help develop comprehensive plans for our clients."

college 529 plan
Check All the Boxes When Saving for College

by Matt Roberts, MFM, CFP®, CAP®, Chief Planning Officer | September 19, 2022

A 529 Plan is a college savings plan that is sponsored by a state, wherein the funds can be used for tuition, books, and other education-related expenses at most accredited colleges and universities, vocational-tech schools, and some foreign institutions.