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    Syverson Strege, based in Des Moines, Iowa, is a Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Management firm that exists to enrich and empower lives of people across the country. Our credentialed financial planners and investment management professionals, located in Des Moines, Iowa, offer wise counsel for retirement planning, cash flow and tax planning, estate planning, investment planning, risk management, and philanthropic planning. We provide clarity and peace of mind, knowing your life goals are our biggest priority.

    Our financial planners spend time asking you questions to determine what is most important to you and we utilize that information to customize a financial plan that is the best fit for you. You are our most important asset, and we only work for you!

    What Is Fee-Only Financial Planning?

    Fee-Only Financial Planning, at its core, means we do not work on a commission basis and have created a wall of separation between your financial planning decisions and any potential hidden fees. Our only compensation is paid by you, which means we are not incentivized to work with third party institutions that pay traditional advisors commissions for their recommendations. Our financial planning practitioners have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and must do only what is right and will provide the best outcome for you as our valued client.

    Values-Based Planning

    Founded in 1997, Syverson Strege is comprised of a team of credentialed financial planners, investment management professionals, and associate financial planners. We differentiate ourselves through an approach called Values-Based Planning. The following services are included in our comprehensive Values-Based Planning approach: 

    Cash Flow & Tax Planning

    des moines financial plannerUnderstanding cash flow is vital to the success of any financial plan. Syverson Strege can help you with a cash flow statement that can be used to drive your decision making. It is equally important to know your income tax liability each year. Our team of credentialed professionals will prepare a tax projection and identify tax reduction strategies consistent with your goals.

    Retirement Planning

    financial planning for retirementDo you know if you’re saving enough and saving in the right places? Have you already saved enough, but struggle with how to structure income from your resources? Through our process, we will help determine the answers to these questions and improve upon the work you have already done.

    Estate Planning

    financial estate planningMany people have an outdated estate plan or no estate plan at all. Estate planning is the process of ensuring your wishes (financial or medical) are carried out if you are unable to do so yourself. The process to make these decisions takes more thought than just executing a will or power of attorney. Our team will guide you through the process of ensuring your money and values are passed on efficiently to the next generation.

    Investment Planning

    des moines investment managementOur approach to investing centers around you and your goals. Whether it’s for retirement, college for children/grandchildren, or other long-term goals, your portfolio needs to be designed to achieve your desired outcomes. The Investment Committee at Syverson Strege creates and continually monitors globally diversified portfolios tailored to meet your specific needs.

    Risk Management

    financial risk managementProtecting your wealth is equally as important as accumulating your wealth. What would happen if you could no longer work? Do you have enough resources to handle a long-term care event? Every family needs to have a plan to handle life’s unforeseen events. Our team will identify the gaps in your plan and provide strategies to minimize your financial risk.

    Philanthropic Planning

    philanthropic givingFor those who want to make a major impact with the charitable organizations they support, we help develop a long-term giving plan that aligns your values with your charitable donations. Many charitable tools are available beyond just giving cash. Our team can help educate you on tax-efficient and impactful giving techniques that many donors have never considered.

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    Our Financial Planners Are Here to Serve

    We can best help individuals or families who:

    • Desire to be good stewards of their wealth.
    • Have a willingness to delegate.
    • Have a complex financial situation.
    • Have strong ties to family and community.
    • Have a philanthropic mindset.


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    What You Can Expect When You Contact Syverson Strege

    If you take the next step to meet with one of our financial planners, you will go through a two-step meeting process free of charge and with complete confidentiality. The process focuses on YOU as part of our team!

    Opportunity Meeting

    • Free consultation one hour in length.
    • Information gathered about your financial situation.
    • Interactive conversation to listen, ask questions, and learn what is most important to you.

    Proposal Meeting

    • Scheduled 1-2 weeks after the Opportunity Meeting.
    • Custom overview of your opportunities and outcomes.
    • Tailored presentation of plan deliverables and fee schedule.
    • Opportunity to become a client. 

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