• Educate to Give...Donor Education for Effective Giving 

    Would your nonprofit organization like to increase donations? Educate to Give may be able to provide a solution for growing your planned giving and legacy gifts.

    What is Educate to Give?

    Educate to Give is a gift of education for your donors that teaches effective philanthropic, planned giving, and tax-avoidance strategies.

    Who is Educate to Give for?

    Nonprofits who want to equip donors with more efficient ways to give.

    How does Educate to Give work?

    A nonprofit organization offers donors a two-part gift of education:

    • One educational meeting led by Syverson Strege on philanthropic and tax-avoidance strategies
    • Individual one-hour confidential consultation with a Syverson Strege professional

    Because Educate to Give is purely educational, donors will not be pressured to buy any products. Educate to Give is a leave-your-checkbook-behind meeting and consultation. Syverson Strege offers an education culture, not a sales culture.

    Why does Syverson Strege offer Educate to Give?

    Syverson Strege’s knowledge and leadership in the complex world of philanthropic giving can help transform donor dollars into action that will benefit generations to come. We are eager to help nonprofits learn how to prosper through successful philanthropic education.

    Goals of Educate to Give

    • Educate donors on effective philanthropic and tax-avoidance strategies
    • Multiply results of your nonprofit’s planned giving program
    • Engage major donors at a higher level without requiring additional monetary gifts
    • Create planned giving conversations that lead to more legacy gifts
    • Provide a pathway for endowment funding
    • Allow nonprofits to cost effectively mine their donor base, attract new donors, and re-energize donors

    Who is Syverson Strege?

    Syverson Strege is a fee-only financial planning and investment management firm with credentialed financial planners. We offer financial education and advice on a fee-only basis. We charge no hidden fees and receive no compensation for the sale of products such as life insurance or annuities. We are an independent advisor not affiliated with banks, insurance companies, or brokerage firms. Our biggest priority is the life goals of our clients.

    For more information, call 515-225-6000 and ask for Christina Gayman.

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