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    Your life goals are our biggest priority. We serve you with wise financial advice and education. Your personal financial planning process may begin with a question or an anxious feeling. Am I on track for a secure financial future? Which options are right for me?

    When you ask these questions, you do not have to make financial planning decisions alone. The financial planners at Syverson Strege are here to offer experienced and trustworthy advice to help provide peace of mind, clarity, understanding, and a simple approach to comprehensive planning.

    Fee-Only Financial Planners

    We are an independent firm with Fee-Only Financial Planners in Des Moines, Iowa. Fee-Only means we do not work on a commission basis, and we abide by a Fiduciary Oath not Suitability Standards. We have taken the Fiduciary Oath to ensure your financial plan best represents your personal and family life goals. Our only compensation is paid by you, not third-parties, such as banks or other brokerage firms. We do not sell life insurance or annuity products but work on a non-referral fee basis with experts who will provide the product for you.

    Our fiduciary responsibility is to our clients and we must do only what is in their best interest. This means you can trust our team will strive to find the best financial planning and investment management advice for your unique situation.

    Simply said, we only work for you.

    Values-Based Financial Planning in Des Moines, Iowa

    Our process is designed to dig a little deeper, provide custom financial options, and give you confidence in the face of financial uncertainty. We take the time to listen, ask questions, and learn what is most important to you.

    Our team at Syverson Strege is certified in financial planning and investment management services. We are dedicated to understanding each client’s unique situation and uncovering the lasting impact you want to have on Earth. A custom financial plan from Syverson Strege will help you achieve clarity, peace of mind, and a harmony between your financial goals and your ultimate life purpose.

    One key differentiator within our financial planning process is our experience within the area of philanthropic giving. We strive to help you reach your goals and your family’s goals, but we know your community is important to you as well. Our Values-Based Financial Planning approach allows you to leave your wealth to your family and your community while limiting the amount that goes to the government. Philanthropic strategy is not a common component of most financial plans. With our experience and our team by your side, we can help you create a lasting legacy that benefits generations to come.

    Another differentiator is our experience with a wide variety of ag producers including dairy farmers, family farmers, cattle and poultry farmers, ranchers, and commercial farmers. Because of the complexity of many farmers’ financial situations, we are able to help with cash flow issues, retirement planning, succession planning, and gifts of ag commodities for tax-advantaged charitable giving.

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