Finance Moment Podcast
Compound Interest versus Simple Interest

by Mike Murkins, CFP®, Financial Planner | September 11, 2023

Financial Planner Mike Murkins provides examples of the difference between simple and compound interest on today's Finance Moment Podcast and how you can make compound interest work for you as part of your investment strategy.

Which Investment Vehicle is Right for You?
Which Investment Vehicle is Right for You?

by Jennifer Scheck, Associate Financial Planner | July 18, 2023

Jennifer Scheck covers four types of accounts: non-qualified accounts, Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Employer Sponsored 401(k) plans on today’s Finance Moment Podcast.

Finance Moment Podcast
The Financial Issues of Aging

by David Strege, CFP®, CFA, CKA®, Senior Financial Planner | May 16, 2023

Listen to today’s Finance Moment podcast “The Financial Issues of Aging” by David Strege to learn more about helping older adults avoid scams as well as the importance of sharing financial information with a trusted family member or partner.

Finance Moment Podcast
Categorizing Your Spending

by Jerin Young, CFP®, CKA®, Senior Associate Financial Planner | March 20, 2023

Do you break down your expenses and spending into categories? Listen to today’s Finance Moment podcast “Categorizing Your Spending” by Jerin Young to learn more about intentionally breaking down your spending habits in a way to meet your long-term goals more effectively.

Finance Moment Podcast
Identity Theft & Credit Freezes

by Lance Gunkel, CFP®, CFA, Managing Director | January 24, 2023

Have you ever utilized a credit freeze as a tool to help prevent identity theft? Listen to today’s short Finance Moment podcast “Identity Theft & Credit Freezes” by Lance Gunkel to learn more about this easy way to add another layer of protection against identity theft.

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Disability Insurance

by Mike Murkins, CFP®, Financial Planner | November 26, 2022

Senior Associate Financial Planner Michael Murkins provides information on the importance of disability insurance as a part of your risk management strategy in your compressive financial plan.

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Income Tax Update

by Lance Knaack, CFP®, Associate Financial Planner | October 12, 2022

Associate Financial Planner, Lance Knaack, provides updates in regards to upcoming personal income and retirement income tax changes.

Finance Moment
Inflation Advice

by Lance Gunkel, CFP®, CFA, Managing Director | July 27, 2022

Managing Director Lance Gunkel provides three tips to reduce the impact of inflation on your personal finances.

I Bonds

by Mike Murkins, CFP®, Financial Planner | May 24, 2022

Senior Associate Financial Planner, Michael Murkins, provides a high-level overview about Series I Savings Bonds (I Bonds) as a strategy to protect against inflation. Should I bonds be something you should add to your financial portfolio?

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Downturns and Recoveries

by Jason Gunkel, CFP®, CFA, CAP®, Chief Investment Officer | March 24, 2022

Chief Investment Officer and Financial Planner Jason Gunkel, explains the in's and out's of market downturns and recoveries and the correlating effects on the bond market.