The Election and Beyond: Is Your Portfolio Prepared?

Dr. Apollo LupescuTuesday, October 13
3:00 PM

You are invited to an exclusive live broadcast, offering perspectives on current top-of-mind issues for investors, as well as implications for their portfolios.

This free webinar will feature Dr. Apollo Lupescu, vice president of Dimensional Fund Advisors, and Syverson Strege’s Chief Investment Officer Jason Gunkel. Dr. Lupescu is an experienced investment professional from Dimensional Fund Advisors, a premier global investment firm managing over $500 billion in assets for institutional investors and clients of select financial advisors.

Hear unique insights on:

  • the disconnect between the market and the economy;
  • the impact of the election on the market;
  • views on investing in the big, dominant tech stocks;
  • government stimulus spending, inflation and debt outlook;
  • the unprecedented nature of the coronavirus crisis;
  • market downturn mitigation strategies;
  • bond investing during historical low interest rates;
  • small cap and value stocks performance.

A Q&A will follow the presentation.

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Client Orientation Workshops

Syverson Strege Client Orientation Workshops

Syverson Strege is offering a Client Orientation Workshop for all clients, whether new or established, who want to learn more about being a Syverson Strege client.  

You’ll learn about the Client Orientation Manual, recordkeeping tips, how to read your financial statements, how to use the Client Portal, the qualified charitable distributions (QCD) process, how to use DocuSign, and more. We’ll ask you to bring your devices (laptop, phone, iPad, etc.) so we can carefully walk you through the technical aspects of being a financial planning client with Syverson Strege.  

The Client Orientation Workshop (for clients only) will be held at the Syverson Strege office and offered on different dates in order to accommodate your schedules.  Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the original dates in March, April, and May are postponed and will be rescheduled. 

Giving Club

Giving Club Agape Pregnancy CenterNote: The  Giving Club on Tuesday, March 24 has been postponed and will be rescheduled. 

The Giving Club…where we come together to share values, resources, and have fun!

Every generous person has a desire to make a difference, leave lasting change in the world, and put others’ needs before their own. Offered four times per year, the Giving Club provides the perfect opportunity to bring together generous people with outstanding charities in an informative and fun atmosphere.

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