• Who We Are

    Throughout life, you encounter tremendous financial choices and making decisions can be intimidating. It may begin with a question or an anxious feeling. Am I on track for a secure future? Which option is right for me? How do all the parts fit together? When you reach these crossroads, you don't have to make decisions alone.

    Our team of CFP professionals at Syverson Strege are experts in financial planning and investment services. Our structure is designed to dig a little deeper, bestow clarity among the endless options, and peer through the fog of financial uncertainty. We will help you become more confident in your financial outlook.

    • We are fee-only financial planners, which means we do not work on a commission basis. Our only compensation is paid by you, not a third-party.
    • We are an independent firm; we are not obligated to any third-parties, such as banks or brokerage firms.
    • We have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients - we must do only what is in their best interest.

    Simply said, we only work for you.


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