• 5 Ways Syverson Strege Celebrated Random Acts of Kindness Day

    by Syverson Strege Commentary | March 10, 2021

    Syverson Strege employees were given a great opportunity to give back on Random Acts of Kindness Day on Wednesday, February 17. They were notified via email that each employee was going to receive $20 to use as they wish to spread random acts of kindness.

    With compassion as one of Syverson Strege’s core values, celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Day with action is a natural fit.

    Here are a few of their experiences, in the employees’ own words, that came from the random acts of kindness activity:

    Employee #1

    I did a couple different things with my $20. At Chick-fil-A I left some money after my order and asked the drive thru person to use it on the next person’s order and to tell them to have a good weekend. For the second part, when I got my haircut, I gave my normal tip and then said it was national Random Acts of Kindness day and my company had given me a little extra money to use how I wanted and I gave her an extra $10. She didn’t say much but she had a big smile!

    Employee #2

    Today I paid for the meal of the next person behind me in the Taco Bell drive through and told the staff they can split the change, since they don’t get paid enough.

    Although unrelated to the $20 Random Acts of Kindness day, a bigger event happened this past month for my wife and me. We were able to contribute to Wildwood Hills Ranch for them to complete the funding of the worm farm they will start this spring as a revenue source for the camp. Then, we also contributed to help them purchase a Percheron draft horse team. My wife is going to volunteer to learn how to drive the team so they have more drivers than just the one they have currently. She is very excited about this new adventure, watching all the YouTube videos so she can to learn how to be a good draft horse team driver.

    Employee #3

    I decided to donate the money to Furry Friends and then match it. They have a new facility on Mills Civic Parkway in West Des Moines.

    Employee #4

    My experience was interesting. Due to the pandemic, I don't usually go anywhere except the grocery store and occasionally to Casey's for a diet pop. I have always been impressed by their friendliness and great customer service even to the point that a few months ago, I sent them a thank-you note for their great attitudes.

    So…I headed to Casey's to get a Diet Dr. Pepper and stepped up to pay for my drink. I asked the 20-something guy if he knew what day it was. I proceeded to tell him that it was Random Acts of Kindness Day and that my company had given us some money to give away and then gave him the $20. He was overwhelmed and thanked me over and over.

    As I was turning to leave, he said, "Now I've got to think of some way to pay it forward!" What a surprise that was to me! I assumed he'd use the money to buy a six-pack of beer for after work or blow it on some junk food. It gave me a restored hope in the millennial generation, and I was so impressed that he would think of others before himself!

    Employee #5

    Random Acts of Kindness Day took on a different meaning for me this year. Having recently heard a message at my church several weeks ago, I took a step of faith and gave my $20 to a gentleman at the corner of 22nd and I-235 exit in West Des Moines. I have never given any money to people standing on street corners, but this year I chose to give it all to this person. My hope is that he bought himself something to eat and drink.

    Spreading kindness can be done any day of the week and all year long. If you are looking for ways to spread kindness, click here for some great ideas!


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