• A Give-Back Mindset: How Nonprofits and Humanity Benefit

    by Matt Roberts MFM CFP® CAP® Chief Planning Officer | November 16, 2022

    Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” At Syverson Strege, we agree, and we have created a culture with a give-back mentality.

    This is the time of year that many people are considering their year-end giving and how to encourage their favorite nonprofit with their generous support. In fact, in 2021, Americans gave a total of $484.85 billion dollars to charity, according to the Giving USA 2021 Annual Report!

    Our give-back mentality is both a corporate and individual mindset. Our firm has built a team of 23 team members who serve at roughly 48 nonprofits and charities. Check out our short video on our “give back” philosophy.

    Syverson Strege strives to help our clients reach goals and the goals they have for their family, and we know that, like us, their community is important to them. Our Values-Based Financial Planning approach allows them to leave their wealth to their family and their community while limiting the amount that goes to the government. Although philanthropic strategies are not a common component of most financial plans, we consider it essential.

    In fact, philanthropy is so important to us, that unlike most other firms, it is integrated into our comprehensive financial planning. We want to help our clients leave a lasting impact through their creative, tax-effective charitable giving. Our clients are provided six components in their comprehensive financial plan:

    1. Tax and Cash Flow
    2. Retirement Planning
    3. Estate Planning
    4. Investments
    5. Insurance
    6. Philanthropy

    Because of Syverson Strege’s focus on individual philanthropic planning, nonprofits show a great interest in learning how to educate their donors in the area of planned giving. Educate to Give is an answer to one of their needs.

    What is Educate to Give?

    Educate to Give is designed for nonprofits who want to equip donors with more efficient ways to give. The program teaches effective philanthropic, planned giving, and tax-avoidance strategies.

    I’ve had the privilege of making several presentations to nonprofits and their donors. It’s very rewarding to see the light bulb go on for a donor when they realize that a certain charitable giving strategy could possibly benefit their family and allow them to more generously give back to their community.

    How does Educate to Give work?

    Working with Syverson Strege, a nonprofit organization offers its donors a two-part gift of education:

    • One group educational meeting on tax-avoidance strategies led by a credentialed Syverson Strege financial planner
    • An individual one-hour confidential consultation with a Syverson Strege professional

    Educate to Give is a leave-your-checkbook-behind meeting and consultation. Donors are in no way pressured to buy any products. Syverson Strege’s goal is education, not sales.

    Why does Syverson Strege offer Educate to Give to nonprofits?

    Our knowledge and leadership in the complex world of philanthropic giving can help transform donor dollars into action that will benefit generations to come. We’re eager to help nonprofits learn how to prosper through successful philanthropic education.

    Goals of Educate to Give

    • Educate donors on effective philanthropic and tax-avoidance strategies
    • Multiply the results of a nonprofit’s planned giving program
    • Engage major donors at a higher level without requiring additional monetary gifts
    • Create planned giving conversations that lead to more legacy gifts
    • Provide a pathway for endowment funding
    • Allow nonprofits to cost-effectively mine their donor base, attract new donors, and re-energize donors

    Click here to learn more about Educate to Give.

    Knowing the value of seeking the good of others

    From the beginning, Syverson Strege was founded by Johnne Syverson and David Strege who desired to do the right thing over the easy thing and who wanted to provide an educational culture, not a sales culture. We believe in the value of seeking the good of others when it is in our power to do so.

    Since our founding in 1997, Syverson Strege has been a fee-only financial planning company based on servant leadership and integrity, where long-term relationships are valued and the best interest of another is pursued.

    Our team members look out for the interests of others. We care deeply about giving back to our communities, equipping our clients to give in the most tax-efficient way, and helping nonprofits help their donors give generously and efficiently. Our clients share our give-back mentality and currently have millions of dollars earmarked for philanthropy. We want to help maximize every dollar given!

    Building a lasting impact

    Like our clients, we desire to leave a lasting impact. And we know that a lasting impact is built by the daily choices we make as we actively pursue the good of others. That is why we support nonprofits with our corporate donations and our Educate to Give program.

    With our experience and the Syverson Strege team by your side, we can help donors transform their dollars into action that will benefit generations to come. Philanthropy isn’t just a part of our comprehensive financial planning approach; it is how we choose to work and live.

    If you would like to visit with us about your philanthropic planning, call 515-225-6000 for a complimentary, no-obligation, confidential consultation.

    Matt Roberts MFM CFP® CAP® Chief Planning Officer
    Matt Roberts is the Chief Planning Officer at Syverson Strege and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. He is committed to serving others to enrich and empower their lives. His primary focus is to ensure clients maximize what they desire from their money and reach their personal and financial goals. Matt also leads the firm’s Planning Committee which is responsible for the oversight of the financial process. He earned his B.S. in finance from Iowa State University and a Master of Financial Management (MFM) degree from Drake University.

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