• From Paused Plans to New Adventures

    by Lance Gunkel CFP® CFA Managing Director | June 28, 2021

    Let the games begin, hopefully! After being postponed last year, the Summer Olympics return to Tokyo in July.

    I’ve long enjoyed watching the Olympics, as they provide a great opportunity to show pride in the USA and cheer on our athletes. When the opening ceremony marks the beginning of the Games, I become an ardent Team USA fan, regardless of what sport. I yell for USA basketball just as loudly as I do for USA fencing.

    In 1992, I bought as much Dream Team merchandise as my allowance would permit, and I also screamed from my couch as Michael Phelps went for eight gold medals in the ’08 Games.

    The motto for this summer’s Olympics is "Discover Tomorrow," which seems appropriate as we begin to move on from the trials of the pandemic. Since so much was put on pause last year, we should take advantage of the opportunity to take on new adventures in 2021.

    My wife and I will take our boys to New York City this August, a trip that we’ve promised them for a long time and are finally planning to take. Our sons are excited to walk around the city, see Central Park, and take a helicopter ride over the Statue of Liberty. We’re also making a trip to see longtime friends in Atlanta, a trip we have put off for too many years.

    This is the year that we get moving with our paused plans and make even more plans for the future.

    I wish for you a summer filled with fun alongside your friends and loved ones, enjoying the Olympic events and discovering today what you previously held off for tomorrow.  


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