• How the Giving Club Raised $26,555... and Counting

    by Deb Longseth Client Service Specialist | October 18, 2019

    Where can you come together to share values, resources, and have fun? The Giving Club!

    Syverson Strege formed the Giving Club two years ago from an idea originating from one of our purpose driven beliefs - philanthropy. Philanthropic planning has been a part of our planning process since the firm started over 22 years ago. We ask our clients this question, “How would you like to be remembered and what will your legacy be?”

    Syverson Strege launched the Giving Club to benefit local charities and it is an amazing way to learn about charities in the Des Moines Metro area. Most of us rarely have the chance to learn about the valuable work of 501(c)3 organizations. The Giving Club provides the perfect opportunity to bring together generous people with outstanding charities in an informative and fun atmosphere.

    How does the Giving Club work? Each individual or family unit comes to the Giving Club prepared to donate $250 (tax-deductible). Three charities each make a seven-minute presentation and participants anonymously vote for their favorite charity. The charity with the most votes receives the entire amount donated less $500, which is split equally between the two runners-up.

    Some of the amazing stories that have come out of the Giving Club are exciting! One couple who attended learned about Freedom for Youth, and then introduced their son-in-law to the organization. He is now an instructor in their construction services training program. He teaches youth the art of woodworking and provides on-the-job training so they have the ability to complete certification training.

    Last December, Capitol View Elementary School received a check for $4,000 for their backpack program. The remarkable thing about this story is that the principal had received a call from a donor on the same day, and said he was willing to match the money raised at the Giving Club. Syverson Strege is thrilled that Capitol View Elementary School received a total of $8,000! Giving Club stories are heartwarming!

    To date, The Giving Club and its participants are honored to have given away $26,550 with 100% of the proceeds having gone directly to charities! Together we can make a difference!

    Please join us for our last Giving Club of 2019. It will be on Tuesday, December 10th at 4:00 PM at the Syverson Strege office.  Learn more about this great event and register today.

    Deb Longseth Client Service Specialist
    Deb Longseth is a Client Service Specialist and is responsible for managing administration and logistics of numerous one-time and ongoing events and sponsorships directed by the Communications and Marketing Department. Deb graduated from Des Moines Area Community College and attended Drake University. Before coming to work for Syverson Strege in 2005, she worked in higher education in Alumni and Development and Alumni Relations. Deb also belongs to Executive Women International.

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