• How Working From Home Refines Us

    by Adam Steen Director of Business Development | May 7, 2020

    I have been working from home for almost eight weeks and it reminds me of a long inning in a baseball game; it seems like it will never end.

    I am thankful Syverson Strege has put the health of its employees at the forefront and allowed most all of us to work from home. They have provided what we need to be successful in performing our jobs remotely. And we feel we have continued to provide valuable financial planning services.

    My job at Syverson Strege is Director of Business Development, a position that requires relationship building and interaction with others…two things more difficult to do during a pandemic. As much as I love being with my wife and family, the lack of human interaction with others has been tough. Yet through face-to-face technology and intentional written communication, I have had worthwhile and meaningful interactions with others. Plus, I have hope since I know this won’t last forever!

    My wife is also working full-time from home. We have two small sons, ages 2 and 4, who seem to require endless attention. I’ve been interrupted during Zoom meetings because my two-year-old wants a banana and I’ve had to escort him on an emergency “potty run.” We are definitely making full use of “workarounds” and making memories at the same time!

    I checked in with a few of my fellow employees and asked this question: What has been the most rewarding, interesting, and/or challenging thing about working from home? Here are their answers.

    Michael Murkins, Associate Financial Planner

    Jerin Young, Associate Financial Planner

    Wayne Johnson, Financial Planner

    Meribeth Grogan, Director of Finance and Administration

    Megan Geary, Accounting Assistant

    Working from home undoubtedly has its positives and negatives, and I, along with millions of others, long for our “normal” work conditions. It’s at these times, though, that our resilience, creativity, endurance, fortitude, and patience, are being refined. I’ve concluded that surviving this pandemic is making us better human beings. That alone might make this experience all worth it. 

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