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    by Admin | December 1, 2022

    March 10, 2015

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    One of the things I’m most excited about in the future are the new possibilities coming from technological and medical advances.  In fact, new and better technologies will likely be the catalyst for advances in medicine.

    • In 2003 there were 500 million connected devices; today there are 7.2 billion.
    • Experts estimate that by 2023 a $1,000 laptop will have the ability to communicate at the speed of the human brain.  25 years later, the speed will be at the rate of the entire human race.
    • In 1990, the cost of sequencing the human genome was $2.5 billion; in 2001 it was $100 million; today it is $750!

    What does this mean for us?  I hope it means that a connected world will become one that is more educated, informed, prosperous, and peaceful.  In fact, I believe those items are all linked.

     I also hope it means we have the medical progress necessary to live an active, fulfilling life longer than we do today, and that the medical advances benefit those throughout the world.

     All of these items will no doubt transform our world and create exciting investment opportunities.  I’m excited to help our clients invest in this future.

     – Lance

    *Statistics sourced from the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch “Global Investment Strategy,” 22 February 2015.

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