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    by Lance Gunkel CFP® CFA Managing Director | November 18, 2019

    "I want to spend my life doing what I enjoy and what I'm passionate about. I just don't know what that is or how to get there!" If you've found yourself thinking this, you are not alone!
    While working with hundreds of clients, I've found that individuals who get stuck while trying to find their passion have a common theme: they're thinking about it too much! That may sound strange coming from someone who has spent his career analyzing data and building complex financial plans, but it holds true. The biggest roadblock to an individual's pursuit of their passion is the individual themselves.
    Throughout my career, I've witnessed people stuck in a holding pattern because every time they think they've discovered an area of interest to pursue, they talk themselves out of it. The debilitating chatter produced by the "logical" side of their brains often talks them out of pursuing what they yearn to explore. Sometimes the logical pursuit is not connected to your portfolio, it is connected to your heart.
    An area of value we provide as your financial planning firm is to make logical sense of your passion by connecting your passion and your heart to your financial plan.
    If you find yourself seeking a career change or a new role during retirement, start by putting your pursuit into action...give us a call! We are inspired to help you move closer to fulfilling your passion. We will encourage you to take a chance, even if it turns out the first thing you try is not the right fit. The important step is that you took that first step!
    Syverson Strege exists to enrich and empower the lives of our clients. It's rewarding to work with clients to help them establish and preserve the resources that enable them to pursue what they love. Take a step toward your passion today!


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