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Stop Worrying!

September 15, 2016

A recent study indicates that Americans are in an almost perpetual state of worry and anxiety over their financial situation. In the study, 85% of interviewees felt financial anxiety in some form. Also, 70% said it impacted their home life and 51% saw it negatively change their social life.

Theft of Social Security card
Protecting Your Social Security Number from Identity Theft

September 8, 2016

Having your identity stolen is a pain. It is also much more prevalent. This article from the Social Security Administration provides a couple of tips to help protect your identity. The article also provides a few key steps of what to do when you discover that someone else is using your social security number.

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The Planning Paradox of Social Security

August 19, 2016

The US Government and the Social Security Administration is trying to keep the funding feasible going forward. This ever evolving issue requires further changes to have all eligible retiring Americans receive their full benefits.

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Government Rules Traps Disabled in Poverty

August 11, 2016

When you have a family member that has an extended health issue and disability the Government rules can cause them to lose benefits when they work full time. They end up with limited resources and financially insecurity. There are about 50 million Americans with disabilities. How does a family provide assistance to a disabled family member without causing them to lose benefits because too much is in their bank account? A recent movement is some States are approving ABLE legislation. Click on the link to learn more about these accounts if it applies to your situation.

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Education About Life Transitions

August 9, 2016

As life transitions occur additional education and guidance is sought. Retirement from full time employment is one of those transitions that most of us go through. We normally have recommended "The New Retirementality" by Mitch Anthony as one such resource. Another book for other transitions like mid-life crises or selling a business is "Half Time" by Bob Buford.

Be Ready for this Journey and the Next - an article from Social Security

August 2, 2016

Do you have your checklist ready for your next vacation? Planning ahead and making a list helps make such trips more enjoyable. Do you have a plan and checklist for the next transition in your life.

No Spam
How to determine SPAM mail

July 7, 2016

Sometimes it's not easy to determine if an e-mail that has arrived in your inbox is SPAM (Phishing/Spoof) or not. Spammers are very good at disguising their e-mails to look legit. I am hoping to provide you with some tips that could help you make your decision.

Brexit commentary

June 24, 2016

This morning we awoke to the news that Britain voted to depart the European Union. This is an important change that will alter economies worldwide and for which there is very little precedent (Greenland departed in 1982).

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Why So Many Americans Have No Savings

June 18, 2016

This link shares the results from a recent survey that 47% of Americans don't have immediate access to $400 without borrowing or selling something. This study then dug deeper and found 40% can't raise $2,000 within 30 days. This PBS interview discusses the author's challenges with maintaining a cash reserve.