Family Budget

by Lance Knaack, CFP®, Associate Financial Planner | February 23, 2022

Duration: 2:08


Show Notes

Associate Financial Planner, Lance Knaack, reminds listeners the importance of a family budget and controlling where your money goes each month.

Tips include: 

  • Identifying each area where your money is going

  • Auditing your monthly streaming services

  • Examining areas of overspending and then making changes to your spending habits

Cutting back in a single area can allow you to determine a new role for your money - like saving for kids’ college education, donations to a charity, or saving for a vacation. 

Syverson Strege clients can utilize the budgeting tool on eMoney Client Portal or can use whatever option they are most comfortable with, such as pen and paper, an Excel file, or budget tool websites such as 

As with anything, budgets take time but there is much to be gained from knowing where your money is going. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Financial Planner or Associate Financial Planner with questions. Or call Syverson Strege at 515-225-6000 for a complimentary, no-obligation, private consultation.

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