I Bonds

by Mike Murkins, CFP®, Financial Planner | May 24, 2022

Duration: 4:34


Show Notes

Senior Associate Financial Planner, Michael Murkins, provides a high-level overview about Series I Savings Bonds (I Bonds) as a strategy to protect against inflation. Should I bonds be something you should add to your financial portfolio?

5 Things to Consider about I bonds: 

  1. Individuals are limited to purchasing $10,000 of I bonds per calendar year. Up to an additional $5,000 can be purchased, based on tax refund. 
  2. I bonds are a 30-year product. 
  3. Typically, the interest rate on I bonds are closer to 3%, not the atypical rate of 7.12%* that they are currently. 
  4. Potentially, I bonds can earn a 0% return. I bonds have both a stated fixed rate and a rate based on inflation that is aggregated to give you a total rate.
  5. I bonds can only be purchased through Treasury Direct, so Syverson Strege cannot facilitate your purchase.

If you have additional questions about I bonds and if they are something you should consider, reach out to your Financial Planner or Associate Financial Planner with questions at 515-225-6000.

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*7.12 % interest rate at the time of recording.