Nick Gerhart

November 12, 2020

Duration: 22:41


Show Notes

This Story Needs to Be Heard special guest, Nick Gerhart, served as the Iowa Commissioner of Insurance from 2013-2016, and is a keynote speaker, private equity investor, a start-up company advisor, community volunteer, and executive leader. He is currently Executive VP – Chief Innovation Officer for Homesteaders Life Insurance.

Nick shares what he learned from being in a high-profile position as the Iowa Insurance Commissioner. He specifically talks about decision making and leading a team.

In regard to entrepreneurship in the midst of a pandemic, Nick says that it’s a great time to start a new business. He encourages listeners to determine what he/she has a passion for, what relationships he/she has to help start their business, and what skill sets are needed.

Nick describes his involvement and service to the community through volunteering. Being the son of a physician and having a child with Type 1 diabetes, he loves organizations that involve healthcare and children. His philosophy on service focuses not on what’s in it for him, but how he can help others.

Nick comments on mentoring and says young people need to ask for mentoring. He also said that he learns more from mentoring than being mentored.

In regard to the future, Nick says, “I’m very bullish on the future.”

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