Spend. Save. Share.

by David Strege, CFP®, CFA, CKA®, Senior Financial Planner | December 21, 2021

Duration: 3:20

Show Notes

Most everyone has money and the question is asked, “What can you do with it?” There are three general things you can do with your money…spend it, save it, and share it.

Spending money covers the necessities of life like food, clothing, shelter, vehicles, insurance, etc. Once you have those areas covered, what do you spend your money on? You can look at what’s important in life and what will enrich and fulfill your life. Is it travel, a second home, making memories with your family? It’s different for each person.

Do you need to save money? Perhaps you are saving for an emergency, a down payment on a house, or longer-term planning for retirement.

The third use of money is sharing it. What causes are important to you? David reveals that in many cases, people find over time that it’s just as satisfying to become involved directly and serve in addition to giving money. By getting involved, a person can see exactly what is happening with his or her money.

Which of these three gives you the most fulfillment…spending, saving, or sharing your money?

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