Teree Caldwell-Johnson

September 28, 2020

Duration: 43:56


Show Notes

This Story Needs to Be Heard special guest, Teree Caldwell-Johnson, is CEO of the Oakridge Neighborhood and serves on the boards of the Des Moines Public School District, Greater Des Moines Community Foundation, and the Md-Iowa Health Foundation.

Raised as a child of educators, Teree shares her passion for the Des Moines Public Schools and comments on the COVID-19 challenges she has faced in her role on the Des Moines Public School Board. Teree also provides inspirational stories about meeting community housing needs, providing services through the Oakridge Neighborhood, and the importance of being informed about racial equality.

Her detailed, effective, and humble leadership principles have allowed her to generate changes for the betterment of the Des Moines Community. According to Teree, “There are times to lead and there are times to lead by following.”

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