• What Day Is It?

    by Lance Gunkel CFP® CFA Managing Director | July 5, 2020

    “Are we in May, June, or July?”

    This is now a common question in my household. Many things have changed since the pandemic hit its stride in mid-March. The time of day and days of the week have morphed into one long segment: pandemic time.

    The lines have also blurred between family time, my kids’ school and homework time, and time at the office. It simultaneously feels like I’m both always – and never – at the office.

    I feel strongly, however, that it is times like this that our company can shine. In leading Syverson Strege through this period, I’ve tried to remind our team that the work we have done and we’re doing now for our clients is important. The plans we help create form the basis for establishing a financial foundation that enables clients to withstand and be strong during periods of tumult. It is our job to have a plan in place so that their finances can be one less thing to worry about.

    I have also learned that I need to be cognizant that our team is facing the same blurred lines that are present in my home. It’s wonderful that we’re able to help clients through this period, but I need to make sure that we’re also taking care of each other and ourselves.

    It is too easy to forget that we are all dealing with a new set of challenges:

    • Juggling the demands of kids at home – helping keep them entertained, educated, well fed, and on the right track
    • Stress and anxiety related to health concerns
    • Supporting a spouse, family member, or loved one who may have lost a job or is experiencing unexpected financial hardship

    I am continually amazed at how well our team is doing in this volatile period. I owe it to them to create an environment where they are able to juggle competing responsibilities. Our team members are best able to help others when they feel secure and have a firm grip on their own personal situations.

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